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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a critical component of high performing web sites. Every day about 400 million searches are launched on major search engines worldwide. People use search engines when they're looking for something specific, perhaps your product or service. They're motivated to act, by requesting more information or placing an order. To take advantage of this we must make sure that the people who want to find your web site can find it. This means your web site needs to be optimised for search engines.

What most of us want for our web sites. No 1 on Google for our key phrase!
No1 Google Listing Example

On a well optimised web site the most relevant pages can be easily found in the major search engines. Achieving this requires good technical page construction, the right content and submission of your site to the Search Engines. Most of all your web site must be optimised (SEOed) to attract its full quota of genuine visitors.

Why do we need to rank well on Search Engines?

If you are looking to attract new visitors to your web site then good rankings on Search Engines are vital. If your web site can only be accessed using a logon and password or is only to be used by people you know then rankings are unimportant. Most of us are trying to grow our businesses. We need new customers, suppliers, employees or shareholders. To be found easily on the internet we need to rank highly on Search Engines for keyword phrases of our choice.
Explain rankings
Explain keyword phrases.

Built-in Search Engine Optimisation

When we build web sites we work on Search Engine Optimisation from the very start of the needs analysis and design process. A web site by Webbuild is Search Engine ready.

Better Search Engine Results

Following are some of the actions that will help your pages rank well on Search Engines:

Search Engine Optimisation is a lot more complex than the above list. It is essential for most sites and may not have been implemented correctly during web site construction. Let us help your site perform to its potential!

How do we Optimise your site?

Contact us now if you think we can establish or improve your business internet presence. No obligation.