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Web site design flows from your Needs Analysis. We now need to include as many of your goals as possible and will begin the Search Engine Optimisation, even at this early stage of your web site design.
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Look at Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

There are many web site design issues to consider, including:

Learn about Search Engine Rankings

Sample of hand-coded HTML markup.Sample HTML code snippet

Behind the page that you see on the internet is the HTML mark-up (example shown above) that tells the visitor's browser what content to display. Good coding increases search rankings, decreases page load times, increases accessibility and provides the visitor with a better experience. Wherever possible we hand code your pages to ensure their best possible performance.

When the web site design is complete it's time to build your web site. Some decisions will be required regarding:

Learn more about Static Pages, Dynamic Pages, Style Sheets (CSS).
Look at estimated Pricing.

Having designed and built your website it's time to look at Hosting.
Web Site Hosting.

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